Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Weekend Wrap UP!

Hey Notebook Readers! Hope everyone had a blast over their Thanksgiving weekend! I just got back to DC myself...what a busy couple days! But so worth the exhaustion...family, friends, good times! You just can't beat it! 

Boy and I all dressed up for Thanksgiving dinner! Just love how handsome he looks! 

what a tablescape my Aunt had! Love the pink accent color! 

This ribbon is so detailed...had to take mine piece home to do some crafting with it! 

Off to Deep Creek Lake, MD Boy and I left Friday morning and headed up to his families home to celebrate his Uncles 70th! 

soooo beautiful!

Boy's cousin's kids were more excited about the presents then Uncle Charlie! So cute! 

A little late night action for Boy and I and his cousin Patrick and his wife Kirsten...

Then I headed to OH for a little reunion with friends! Such good times, good people, and nice to be outside!

Me and my girl Ky rocking by the fire

 Here is Ky's boyfriend being all manly man cutting wood for us! 

Yesterday I visited my friends glass studio in downtown Cleveland...such a cool space!

HUGE kiln

he houses his studio in the basement of this church...very unique and different...love it! 

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Off to the studio to paint then the Capitals game with my sister tonight! Have a great Tuesday people! 

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