Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Tack it Up!

Hey People! Hope all is well this Wednesday! I just completed this cool felt message board for a winter house in Aspen. It's a great DIY!

What do you need?

Piece of Plywood
Spray Adhesive
Exacto Knife
Batting or Darcon
Staple Gun 
Fabric of choice

I got a large roll of cork that comes in a sheet because the message board will be 32" x 52" I had the plywood cut down at the hardware store. Remember most hardware/big box stores will make cuts for you, first one free, then they charge. 

Measure out the roll of cork to the plywood and then cut

I use the side of the plywood as a guide...remember to do it in the garage and not on your carpet or hardwood...the exacto knife will damage the surface. 

After cutting the cork use spray adhesive to attach it to the plywood. I use 3M

once applied wrap the batting around the plywood and cork board using the staple gun to secure. Once complete repeat with the fabric of choice! I used gray felt and added a turquoise welting 

Check it out! Oh I added a funky metallic zipper up the center! Great design by O'Neill Studios! More pics to come once its installed! 

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