Monday, December 30, 2013

Holiday Wrap Up!

Hey Hey Notebook Readers! 

Wow we have been busy busy busy...I think everyone feels that way after the holiday season. 

Check out what Boy and I did along the way...

hung with my girls Lacy and Mary Randolph!

checked out this bike collection

picked up a fun new project painting a mural of tools on the side of this building in Kensington! 

sat very close to see the Irish Tenors

went to a cooking class hosted by my sisters mother-in-law who graduated from Le Corton Bleu

rehabbed this arbor for my mother-in-law for Christmas with was BIG hit! 

cheered Boy on duck hunting...look at this blue bill beauty!

the men hanging in their gear! 

thrifted this awesome new shelf for the studio...

Now I am back in the studio...gearing up for 2014! Are you ready people? 

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