Thursday, November 21, 2013

Hey Notebook Readers!

Happy day till a bit of freedom for most of us! Now as a small business owner there will be weekend hours but I plan on using that time to let the creative juices flow and create new fun products for our store! 

But for today I wanted to share this easy DIY I did in the studio to give height to our drafting tables. Adding casters not only allows us to move them easily but allows them to be slightly higher then countertop height.

First I matched the bit size with the screw at the end of the caster

I then drilled a hole into the bottom of the drafting table leg

I used a wrench to tighten the wheel into the table leg...which took a minute and some elbow grease

Check it out! Don't they look great? Just love the extra detail!!!

Get ready for the weekend people! Maybe you will be tackling a DIY like this one! 

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