Monday, July 8, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up!

Hey Hey Notebook Readers!

Been a crazy 4th holiday so I'm happy to be back in DC and back to the grind...well not really we all know the beach is WAY better but we can pretend. 

Here are a couple shoots from the 4th with friends and family celebrating birthdays the 4th and then family time togetherness!

I know this pic isn't landscaped correctly but I had to share! We had the best props for the 4th!


my mom and I went thrifting and landed some amazing pieces! Can't wait to share more this week! 

boat ride in the DE bay with my Dad and friends! Here are family friends Libby and Patrick! 

Sistas! Well Molly on the left is my sister and Therese on the right is one of our besties!

Here is sister Cailtin, my Dad, and Cailtin's fiance Chris!

Group Shot!

My Dad named his boat after Bay Shore Long Island where he grew up...just decaled the boat! 

Myself and Miss Taylor, this is one of my besties baby and I could eat her right up!!!

Intense game of Left, Right, Center...if you have never heard or played it google it! It is a must!

Night time for Therese and I who slept bottom bunk together! Oh sistas!

And a perfect way to set the pace for the ride home but a pink lemonade snow cone! 

Happy Summer People!

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