Monday, June 17, 2013

Weekend Wrap Up!

Boy and I had such a fun weekend with a BBQ on Friday at the apt and a going away party to one of my deariest friends in the whole wide world- Raegan. She is moving to England to start a new chapter in her life and we couldn't be more proud. Her final bush was a blast...check out some pics!
boy and I rooftop overlooking Baltimore
one of my most favorite dogs EVER...the one and only Ms. Luna B! I'm goign to miss her once she jumps the ponds!

Raeg and I gearing up for the night out
we rocked it at Crazy Lil's in Federal Hill...good times for sure!

Loved the USA and England decor! Cute touch for the party!

Now I am off to go check out the two studio spaces we are looking at in Kensington, MD to open up shop! Can't wait!!!
Hope everyone is getting through their Monday!

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