Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Spring Break 2013!

Hey Notebook Readers! I'm back and well rested after a week off from teaching, blogging, but not designing or painting!
Before taking off to FL I was over at the 2013 DC Design House helping designer Regan Billingsley install some pieces I painted for her space.
Her concept is a teenage boys room of modern meets vintage. Love her execution of this space!
Check out the space coming together...
So excited to share my projects all this week on The Notebook!!!
For now here are some week wrap up pics from Boy and I down in Jupiter Island, FL!
off fishing
here is the little fish I reeled in!
Boy's first catch...not as big as he wanted!

Thankfully he caught this 40 pound Amber Jack!
Off to the the Square Grouper for cold ones!


Lunch at Guanabana!
Happy to home and even MORE excited for the upcoming weeks at the DC Design House with Regan Billingsley!!!

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