Thursday, January 10, 2013

Ribbon Ribbon Everywhere!

Hey Notebook readers! As I announced last week Boy and I got engaged! We are so excited for our May 31st wedding and now it is time to start planning the details! As we all know Pinterest is every girls dream when finding ideas for anything...parties, weddings, name it you can find it over there.
As much as I love getting inspiration sometimes it can be overwhelming, but there has been one idea that I can't stay away from...ribbon walls.
Pinned Image
I love the texture, color, and impact they seem to take hold of a space. Our colors are navy and white with touches of pink and gold. This is what I plan to use to create an amazing ribbon wall behind the dessert table!

Adding in new textures through a backdrop can create high impact in a space...can't wait!!!
Happy Love of Ribbon!

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