Monday, November 12, 2012

Hanging art!

I purchased this amazing print from Maggie O'Neill over at O'Neill Studios a couple months back and it has been leaning on my dresser. I decided I wanted to bring it into the living room. I just created a new seating area in the living after finding these club chairs(that clearly need a paint and reupholster job...more pics of that project to come) so I wanted hang this piece of art work as the focal point.
I also wanted to hang it without breaking the bank! I used black grosgrain ribbon some moving tape, which I find super strong, and voila...



I'm excited to spruce up the space...I plan on replacing the curtains with cream linen drapery panels detailed with white grosgrain herringbone trim. As well as painting ans reupholstering the chairs...I'm thinking black with navy fabric.
As you can see I hung the print on the center of the window frame. Unexpected and unique!  

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