Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up!

Happy Tuesday Notebook readers! Sorry I wasn't writing yesterday but I had off from school!
This past weekend boy and I had a great weekend filled with helping my parents, to attending a wedding I helped with, and meeting a child I have been donating to through our Christ Child Posey Guild.
Here is the fence at my parents house boy helped my Dad with over Saturday!
The pickets we helped paint last weekend will be going up soon!
Saturday evening we had a wedding in Bethesda. Anne Marie, who I used to work with, and her hubbie Mike got hitched and had their reception at the Rock Creek Mansion. It was so fun because I had helped with the tablescapes, sewing the runners!
love the oversized bucket of babies breath!
the runners!

loved the coral and navy theme running throughout!
Here is Anne Marie and I!

my boy and I
And Sunday I was able to meet a young boy who had been adopted by his cousin. Our Christ Child Guild helped furnish their new apartment, so it was exciting to meet Wayne for the first time!
Here he is with my girlfriend, Anne, who was his social worker! Made. My. Weekend!
and ps Anne's apt is AMAZING! It will be featured here soon!

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