Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Picket Picket

I was asked to help spray the new replacement pickets for my parents house this week
and lets just say it is time consuming. We started by rolling them but I was confident spraying them would be SO much more fast and say the least I was wrong!
the pickets had a sanded side and a rough side when we first inspected them in their natural finish
we decided to use a stain that would give the pickets a much longer lasting coat in the elements!
here they are with two coats of spray...which was clearly not cutting it!
even with a 25pd air compressor this job was better off being rolled for one reason alone....the amount of stain the spray gun was taking up compared to the amount of stain it took to roll on and get into all the uneven parts of the wood picket
so many pickets...but once all the warn out pickets are replaced it will be back to new!
Happy DIYing! 

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