Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Weekend Wrapup...MD hits DE!

As Memorial Day was approaching I was so excited to hang at the beach and relax! We accomplished that this past weekend with friends and family at my parents house in Lewes, DE.

From walks down the beach to cold beers to roof top sunsets to boat rides down the canal to college lax I had an awesome time!

Check out some pics!

on the beach

Here is Gib and Patrick playing away

the boys working hard

relaxing on the boat

here is Nevi, Matt, and Gib friends of ours for many many years...we were happy to have them down for the weekend!

Michaella, Patrick's girlfriend, and I hanging out on our cocktail cruise

Here is Nev, Gib, and Molly (my sis)

Gib's MD outfit rocks!

Boy and Matt enjoying some cold ones on the rooftop

Boy and I

Matt rocking his MD gear!

Grotto YUM!

Loyola (my alma mater) winning for the first time the NCAA lax championship!!!

Great way to wrap up the weekend!

Now back to the count down 8 days left till school ends and summer begins!!!

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