Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday Finds...Sarah M. Dorsey Designs!!!

Happy Friday Notebook readers! I'd like to welcome Sarah from Sarah M. Dorsey Designs! She has make an amazing DIY headboard that you all need to check out!!! Can't wait to try this one!

Hi! I am Sarah and I blog at Sarah M. Dorsey Designs- where I focus on creative design solutions that won't blow your budget!

I love the look of a tufted and winged headboard but at $500.00 and up I decided to make my own version for a lot less $$.

After developing a plan -

My husband David and I gathered supplies -

                                                         - 62 1/2" x 48 1/2" plywood (1/2")

- 1 x 4s, (for back supports)

- 1 x 6s and 2 x 6s (for side arms)

- 4 yards of fabric (what I used is no longer available, but this is similar)

- 28 buttons to be covered

- 62 1/2" x 48 1/2" foam (1")

- Batting to cover front and arms

- Nailhead trim (about 500)

and got to work!

The plywood was cut to size, holes drilled for tufting, 1x4s were cut and screwed into place to build a support around the entire back

Next, 1" foam was attached with spray adhesive to avoid it slipping while tufting

Batting was attached with staple gun and excess was cut off

I purchased a button kit at Joann Fabrics. Because I wasn't buying upholstery buttons, I applied a small amount of glue on the interior of the buttons to prevent them popping off later

Headboard was flipped over (we used two dining chairs for support) fabric was placed on top - and we began tufting with a long needle and heavy duty thread - starting in the center and working our way out - pulling the fabric tight as we went

I threaded the needle through the hole and pushed the button down -

                                                   While David secured the button from below

Then the fabric was stapled on the back - the batting and fabric for the arms were cut and placed between the headboard the arm - the arms were then attached with screws - the remaining fabric was pulled tight and stapled on the back

After the fabric was secured and excess was trimmed off - I began applying the nailhead trim - two rows per arm, floor to top of headboard took about 500 nails

And there you go! We worked on and off for about 2 days and total cost was just under $150

I love how headboards can really transform a space - and for a weekend project that's under $150 - its definitely worth trying!

                       Feel free to stop by my blog and say hi sometime, I'd love to hear from you!

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