Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday Finds...Our Fifth House

Welcome to Friday Finds Our Fifth House! Here is a great simple and creative idea of how and where to place your children's artwork!

I was sifting through a pile of my children's artwork, looking for something to frame in my daughter's room, when I found a painting my son made for me when he was three. As soon as I found it I gasped. I thought I had lost this piece in our last move, so I was thrilled to come across it again. I knew it needed to be framed and hung immediately. I found the perfect spot in our family room.
Although, obviously I had already put the Christmas decor away months ago. Anyhow, I decided to replace the horse photograph (it will surely reappear in another room) with my son's masterpiece. The only problem was the painting was smaller than the opening in the matte. To make up for that I used a piece of fabric as a backdrop.
I love the graphic punch the fabric adds.
This whole display with the ornate gold frame framing the black frame feels very "artsy" to me. I love the fresh new look but mainly I just love seeing my son's three year old masterpiece framed in a place where I can enjoy it every day (especially because he's almost 8 now - tear).


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