Thursday, February 16, 2012

A place to Rest your Head!

Here is the tufted headboard I have been working on for a client! It took a total of 4 hours but was well worth the end product and can't wait to install it!

First cut a piece of plywood to the shape you like! Then measure out the point where you want the headboard tufted. After measuring the places where you want the headboard tufted use a 1/8th drill bit and drill each marked area out

Here are a couple shapes below for inspiration

Then screw in the legs for your headboard...remember to measure the height of your mattress first then cut to size

Next spray adhesive the foam onto the plywood...using a skewer poke the back of the headboard through and mark your tufted spots using a sharpie

then use an exacto knife to cut out the foam through to the plywood...this will make it easier for you to thread through

next place the batting loosely over the foam using a staple gun to secure

To cover the buttons cut out a circular shape of the same fabric being used on the headboard

I purchased this inexpensive tool kit from the same company I bought the button covers from...saves a lot of time for a very little money!

this tool allows for you to cover the buttons easily

Then cover the headboard with fabric centered to the plywood...I placed four staple guns around the frame of the plywood so the fabric won't shift while tufting...then using a long needle thread through the the back plywood through the foam, then the fabric...add the button to the tread then feed back through

using a staple gun and a hammer create a W shape to hold the heavy thread in back

I started in the center of the headboard and worked outward leaving the access fabric to be pulled taunt

this is an image of the finished product sans a good steam!!! the fabric is actually a dark navy but the florescent lighting does not show that...thanks to my Mom for helping me with the details throughout this project and for letting me use her workspace!!!

Let me know if you try this project! It was fun and will spruce up your bedroom on an inexpensive budget!


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