Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Happy New Year Notebook Readers! Sorry for my lack of posts over the vaca...I was soaking in as much rest and relaxation as possible before 2012 hit...busy busy schedule ahead, but all fun projects!

Here is a little recap of my break...from left to right...

my new Jonathan Adler throw pillow(thanks to my sis Caitlin), Phish pre-New Years show, my buddy Geoff showing off his deer head at their New Years party, my amazing goodies from boy for Christmas(new sand belt!, Cooley T, and a digi camera! And not featured here my new Ipad! Santa's visit to my parents Christmas Eve party, and my new monogrammed boots check them out at Mostly Monograms!

I am SO thankful and grateful of all I have and what is to come in 2012!!!

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