Monday, October 10, 2011

Weekend Warrior

This past weekend the weather in DC was gorgeous and I was ready to get a ton completed of my "to-do" list! Project #1 create a spray booth! I have been spraying over at an art studio but realized I want my own space to be able to complete projects on my own time. So what better solution then to turn half of my parents garage into one! My Mom is extremely handy herself so she was on board and excited to be able to use it herself!

All I needed was a roll of clear tarp(I sued 3.5 ply which is a bit thicker) and my trusty staple gun! I stapled the tarp into the rafters to create my very own spray booth. Oh and after getting a shelf at Home Depot I was shocked to see how much paint I had acquired in my DC apartment.


So here is the garage before I portioned it off to make my you can see my mom and I collect a lot...maybe borderline hoarding

I hung the tarp down the middle of the garage creating a simple space for my furniture

I've seen a ton of paint over at the studio but I was shocked at how much I actually had in my apartment closet

Can't wait to head over there today to get started on a dresser for a nursery. The brown dresser will be turning into a white and yellow striped beauty!

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