Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Today's DIY alert started when I saw a painted burlap pillow. I took that idea and applied it to creating a unique frame piece in the nursery I designed. 

Creating a nursery space for a baby and their new parents is about combining different textures, tones, and unique pieces allowing for the little one to grow!

These frame were on clearance at Michael's for a total of $20. 

Purchase some spray paint for $3.50 that will adhere to the lacquered frame 

got spraying in the backyard

purchased 3 yards of burlap from the thrift store for 1.49...total deal

measured out and cut the burlap to each frame size

spray adhesive the burlap to the back of the frame mat 

stenciled on the babies initials using a font that is delicate but bold

using acrylic navy paint and a small brush tip I got to work

final product lounging next to my remote!

Can't wait to drop it off along with the dresser I am doing for them(more of that to come tomorrow)

Happy DIYing!

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