Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tidy It Up Tuesday!

Summer is a good time to organize your home. Not only are your kids around to help but you can take your time going through and identifying what places need organization. I recently sat down at my work station and realized it needed a little help! Here are some pictures of small things you can do to keep yourself organized! 

I have purchased an open shelving unit that has four draws for amble storage. My boy also got me a shredder that I have yet to use but it is a great purchase to have in your work space. 

Each draw I used small baskets from the dollar store to separate and stack markers, brushes, paint, pens, batteries, and more!

My stationary draw have my return address label, extra holiday cards, and envelopes. 

Using labels like I have above and below allows you to easier access the items within each draw!

Happy Organizing!!!

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