Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mirror mirror on the wall!

So we are using a patina solution for a large mirror to put in Hank's Oyster Bar that they will be using the write daily specials on. This processs is amazing!

First apply citric acid to the back side of the mirror using an old paint brush but don't forget your mask!

Spread acid all over backside of mirrr

let the citric acid sit and it will begin to eat away at the backside of the mirror

check out the video of how the acid eats a way at the mirrors back

Sponge off the backside

apply patina solution

after applying the patina solution reapply paint with a sponge to the back of the mirror and this is the look you will get

here the installation! LOVE IT!

Keep it up everyone over at O'Neill Studios!

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