Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday Finds...New tools!!! Whooohoooo!

You know you are a DIYer when you get very excited about new tools. My Mom and Dad got me this new set of chargeable battery circular saw and drill for my birthday and today they will be put to good use!!!

Weekend Warrior To Do List:

1. Cut and hang lattice in backyard
2. Spray paint and hang plant hooks
3. Arrange new plants in planter
4. Hang new window planter
5. Cut wood for inspiration board
6. Cut wood for new piece of art work(stained wood with painted lyrics)
7. Hang floating shelves (if my cousin picks up my old shelves at some point)
8. Rearrange framed photos in living room

Wish me Luck...check in next week to see how much I actually get checked off my list! 

Happy DIYing!!!

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