Wednesday, May 11, 2011

New Project!

So I just picked up this amazing dresser for free off of craigslist which I will be using to replace my entertainment unit...and I can't wait to get started on it today. My game plan is to sand it down and paint it a crisp white but I'm thinking to do the legs in a grey or orange...

Notebook readers what do you think...any ideas?

This dresser will replace my dark entertainment piece from IKEA seen below(which you can barely see anyways because of the dark picture) and I can't wait to brighten the space up with the bright white paint!!!

As for sprucing it up a little more I am planning on replacing the pull and knobs! Which of these options do you like? I know some of the finishes do not match perfectly but just for the frame sake of the pull/knobs...

Leave a comment below! 

metal and glass

#G-55 4 in. CKP Brand Clear Glass Pull with Polished Nickel Base
#G-50 1 in. CKP Brand Clear Glass Knob with Polished Nickel Base

box pull and knob

#26116 Amerock® Pull, Polished Chrome

round pull and knob

#4235 Amerock® Pull, Sterling Nickel

Let me know your thoughts Notebook readers!!!

Happy Hump Day!!!

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