Monday, April 4, 2011

cheaper chicken

Laura Kirar Caviar Cluster

So these light bulb chandeliers have been popping up everywhere and can be super pricey! This one retails at 2,750. Here is an easy DIY project to get the same look for the cheaper price:


20 gauge floral wire ($1)
fishing line ($1)
galvanized electrical conduit and fittings ($12)
4 25-watt clear bulbs ($1 each)

1. Use scissors to cut the floral wire into 1.5″ lengths, and then bend a small loop.

2. Tie fishing line through the wire loop, and push it into the hole in the glass ball. Now you can hang it.


3. The cords run through the pipe and join at the top.

Add as many glass balls as you want and you have got a stylish light fixture for under $70 bucks!

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