Monday, January 10, 2011

Love DIY Projects!

1.  Measure.  I knew that I wanted three zig zags stretching across the rug, so I measured out the spacing of the peaks, and drew three chalk lines across the rug to make sure the peaks were perfectly spaced.

2.  Tape out the first peaks.  To get the first peak, I used my 450 triangle. If you don't have the triangle, just measure it out.  For tape, I used 2 strips of the 2" green painters tape, and overlapped it just a little bit.

Finally it is time to paint!  I used Benjamin Moore latex floor paint in black.  It took most of a gallon.  I did one coat, let it dry overnight, and then did the second coat the next day.
*** update for people who have been wondering - I used small roller (about 3'' wide) ***

The Fabulous Design File featured a great DIY project! Creating your own Chevron Rug...remember be creative and try switching up the black paint for a more bright playful color! Thanks for the tip FDF!

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  1. OMG Meaghan... I JUST found this today! Sorry for being super slow to reply! Thanks for featuring my project... I'm adding a link to your blog right now!