Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I love Holiday Cards...and here is a couple ways they won't clutter up your counter!

Christmas Greetings

Creating a  french message board to store your holidays cards creates a unique piece for seasons to come! Just tack white ribbon in a shape of a snow flake or a Christmas tree!

Card holder ladder

This DIY project takes finding an old ladder and painting it a bright red or green. BY criss crossing bungee cord it not only creates another layer of texture but secures your holiday cards!

If you have a frame and extra ribbon then this project will be very low in cost. Just run you ribbon horizontally across the matte of the frame then tape. Reinsert the matte into the frame and you have got yourself a holiday card holder!

Holder card holders can take many shapes, but creating a wreath with your cards makes it even more celebratory of the holidays. Take a 10 x 10 piece of ply wood, paint it red, stencil your name or holiday saying, then screw in the clips. This holiday card holder wreath will brighten up any room!

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